Jennifer Aniston loved it, a parody of the intro of ‘Friends’ made-in-quarantine


Yes, the intro music of the popular series ‘Friends’ it is part of an entire generation (or several more), especially those who are followers of the program created in the nineties. In this regard, a creative young man dared to make a parody. The amazing thing is that the version came to the ears of the very Jennifer Aniston.

JC Stewart was the guitarist who composed an adaptation of ‘I’ll be there for you’ (I’ll be there for you), and the interpreter of ‘Rachel Green’ climbed to their stories of Instagram the video of the young man who now must be very popular.

In the same way, the media and the networks shared a parody of the intro of the series that made her famous to the actress who not long ago did your account of Instagram.

The intro of JC Steawrt (name that appears on his official Instagram) uses the quarantine to give it a touch of fun. And in addition to that your video got half a million reproductions, the fact that Jen what you have heard, no doubt, gives him a plus.

“We’re going to be stuck at home for a year. Or maybe it’s just a day, a few weeks or months. It’s not even clear,” says one of the stanzas of the theme. It is important to note, that the actress and also film producerdo not usually share posts on Instagram. So, the young guitarist received the honor of being mentioned in their stories. You can see the hilarious version below: