Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson nor be made a selfie with you


After Emilia Clarke, as other actresses have decided not to be ms pictures with their fans.

Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson or Amy Schumer are some of the celebrities who have declared the war to the ‘selfies’. At the expense of being “antipticas” have decided that it’s not worth to suffer moments of anguish, insecurity, or even harassment to those who have had to face on many occasions. They expose their reasons and we understand.

Just a few weeks ago, Emilia Clarke announced the news that nothing had to do with Daenerys Targaryen or with their relatives projects cinematogrficos. Known as the ‘Mother of dragons’ for his role in the series Game of Thrones ensured that will not ms selfies with their fans and had the motives of this drstica decision in the podcast Table Manners. “I was walking through the airport when all of a sudden started feeling bad. He was giving Me an anxiety attack. I was alone, talking to my mother on the phone when I told him, crying: ‘I can not breathe, I am not well’“explained the interpreter Last Christmas, that besides reconoca that this bean not the only bad experience I had had with a follower. However, Emilia Clarke is not the only celebrity that it decides to refuse to take a picture with their fans.

Maisie Williams

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The interpreter Maisie Williams during the Paris Fashion Week.Gtres

Another of the stars of Game of Thrones also says “NO”. It is Maisie Williamsthe girl gives life to Arya Stark in the emblemtica HBO series. The actress has assured that, if you are not in the mood, do not feel in the obligation to show a smile to the chamber: “I do Not have the impression of owing anything to anyone. If a da I do not want to get me a photo, I have no problem in saying no. S that for some people, it seems very unlikely and think: “you’re a bad person”. But if I were really in love with a person, don’t want to just get me a photo. Want to spend time with her.”

Amy Schumer

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The cmica Amy Schumer in London.Gtres

Like Emilia Clarke, Amy Schumer vivi an episode that provoc to take this resolve. In this case, the cmica, he felt harassed by one of his followers who asked him to stop burning it. However, the man went on insisting and, besides, he said to the interpreter, saying: “No, this is America and we’ll pay you”. To explain what happened (and revenge), Amy Schumer made a photo to the insistent fan and goes to social networks to denounce the situation. “I don’t har ms photos with anyone and it is the fault of this to Greenville”, sentenci then the actress Inside.