Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have opened their lives to new series


Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin will open their lives to a new series intimate for Facebook Watch in discussing his marriagetheir problems and your life together.

‘The Biebers on Watch‘was launched on Monday 4th largest in 2020 and will present the first 12 episodes filmed by the couple in your house Toronto and its surroundings, where they are currently confined by the pandemic the coronavirus.

The first episode shows the couple taking a boat on a lake close to where Bieber he grew up and talking openly about the challenges and rewards of to be married.

“There are so many things that I need work. Things of forgiveness, things of jealousy, insecurities of which I did not realize until I decided to spend my life with you. I realized that I had blind spots in my life that I did not know,” he said Bieber to Baldwin.

The series is filming with cameras GoProsaid Facebook Watch.

Bieber, 26 years of age, and Baldwinof 23, first met in the adolescenceattended the same church and started dating seriously about two years ago. The singer canadian and the model they were married in a private event in 2018, and held a second marriage for friends and family in September of 2019.

The series is shown after a documentary of 10 parts by YouTube launched earlier this year, in which Bieber appeared after a long period away from the public scene to have the realization of his first album in four years, ‘Changes’.

Bieber he jumped to the fame when I was 13 years old, used drugs, has reached the headlines for a series of arrests and evil behavior and was abruptly pulled from his world tour ‘Purpose’ in 2017, citing the need to rest.

Since then, the singer has spoken openly about his fight with the drugsthe depression and the effects of the fame.