Katy Perry is dressed in toilet paper for the “American Idol”


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom they had to delay their wedding by the pandemic coronavirus but they’re happy waiting for her baby, and the laughter and the humor is not missing in the house of the interpreter of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

The singer of 35 years announced that he hoped this news in its profile of Instagram with a picture of what more fun we could do with a whole face full of a kind of cream or meringue pink.

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Perry continues to work and announcing from his home the arrival of a new program of “American Idol”, where she acts as jury. If it’s 7 days appeared dressed in a cream dispenser now it has done so dressed in toilet paper, a product of the most in-demand at the beginning of this confinement: “American Idol is on the way so you’re going to want to get comfortable, grab something to eat and see the show tonight at 8 on ABC.

What better way to leave behind your worries for two hours?”, said the girlfriend of Orlando Bloom.

The outfit is comfortable and even has dared to make a puzzle of thousands of pieces, dressed in toilet paper with the initials of AI (American Idol).