Kylie Jenner confes your concern because someone in your environment has coronavirus


Kylie Jenner is now a good time practicing the social isolation and remaining in their own home in compliance with the regulations of the quarantine because of pandemic

Despite this, it could be that all of these restrictions the socialit est suffering will not be enough to keep you completely safe from becoming infected.

The entrepreneur was surprised by and angusti all of his followers to reveal that they is worried because someone close to them contracted the coronavirus.

And is that in the last hours Jenner without giving the name of the person in question, confes that someone in their circle intimate filming of haba given positive in a test to detect the disease.

You will be someone who visit your house often, so this news preocup to all admirers of the protagonist of the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Remember that also the grabacin of this show was forced to stop in front of the expansion of the disease in the united States, but in a sneak preview of the next season was to Kylie distressed by the situation.

For the moment, Jenner you have not felt any kind of symptom and transits the quarantine from your home without any kind of problems, so for now its fanticos breathe a sigh of relief.