Mia Khalifa shows up in sexy black lingerie


Beautiful as always, Mia Khalifa stole sighs with a sexy picture in lingerie.

Sexy as always, the ex-porn actress Mia Khalifa it showed in a photo with black lingerie who stole sighs and caused different reactions in his account of Facebook, where it got more than 50 thousand hearts in a few hours and almost 2 thousand compliments in the comments.

Lying on a sofa and showing off the legsthe lebanese did use the glasses that give an air of intellectual and in addition have trolleado to countless other public figures that have been confused with a supposed student of economics.

Mia Khalifa steals sighs in sexy lingerie

The pose also allows us to see the tattoo that porta on the right foot, and that very few knew about the porn actress most wanted in the world in the history of adult cinema, an industry that only worked three months.

“A common mistake of people is to think that I’ve earned millions with the work that I did. Could not be more far from the truth”
Mia Khalifa, a former porn actress.

90 days in which he won only about 12 thousand ($236 thousand 355 pesos). A fact without a doubt sad taking into account that it is the porn actress that breaks audience recordsbecause each video in its time shot continues to be available on different platforms, one of them the most popular; PornHub.

Wool Rhoades, the porn actress that unseated

However, recently the porn star Lana Rhoades unseated the now conductive sports becoming the most sought after in all the world during the 2019, leaving Khalifa in the second place, with only 269 million 73 thousand 766 reproductions.

The competition between the two actresses is not at all valid because Mia it’s not even dedicated to filming porn, and is now an influencer with more than 18 million followers on Instagram pending your style of life, the preparations of your wedding, your arduous exercise routines and his relationship with the chef Robert Sandberg.