Netflix is already preparing another installment of Extraction of Chris Hemsworth


If someone thought that Chris Hemsworth I had found the perfect vehicle to have your own franchise beyond the movies Thor and The Avengers, he was right. The film Extraction of Netflixwhere you can wear the arms, and a physicist trained thoroughly this last decade, is already preparing a sequel, according to reports Deadline.

The project has not been announced officially but have discovered an agreement that enables us to understand the extent that they are: Joe Russo, writer and producer of the film premiered in April, has signed an agreement with the platform of content to write another installment. “Still do not disclose if the story will go forward in time or back,” he said of the chances that it is sequel or prequel.

The screenwriter, Joe Russo has signed an agreement to write a screenplay but has refused to advance if will be a sequel or a prequel

The film Extraction it was a direct action movie about Tyler Rake, a exsoldado of the australian forces who works as a mercenary in the black market and agree to rescue the son of a narco indian kidnapped by another narco important. With a screenplay by the brothers Russo, the makers of the latest movies The Avengers, Chris Hemsworth was consolidated as the star of action beyond the powers of the norse god.

As you know the viewers who have seen the tape, in addition, Extraction left the door open to new deliveries, a intelligent decision within the meaning of the results. According to Netflix, 90 million households (that is, still more than 90 million people) started this movie in its first four weeks on the catalog. This data places it as a smash hit indisputable Netflix but keep in mind that you can not measure your success with films such as Bird Box Sandra Bullock: the company now reports the number of accounts that saw the first two minutes of a production while before it showed the homes that they had seen at least a 70% of the movie (or the first episode in the case of a series).

Of time, Netflix relies on having a good script to convince that you return the rest of the team: Hemsworth does not have a contract that binds you to participate in a sequel though their enthusiasm with the project (and a hefty check) allow to think that you are interested in returning. Joe Russo also hopes that Sam Hargrave is again the director. For Hargrave it was his first title as a director after having been a regular contributor to the brothers Russo as the coordinator of the action scenes of his films.