Nick Jonas prepares a surprise for Priyanka Chopra for her first year of married


The singer and actor Nick Jonas belonging to the group “Jonas Brothers” Nick has planned a surprise to celebrate their first year of marriage with his wife Priyanka Chopra.

With the aim of celebrating how big you plan to start clearing your agenda and have a full week to be most precious week of the first of December.

The privacy of the couple as marriage it is truly important for Nick since we do not very often share their exits or plans with his wife.

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What is well known is that the goal of clearing your agenda is to be able to enjoy a few days of rest, to privacy and intimacy of your home as well to make the delights of his brand-new wife with the nice surprise that you have prepared your beloved.

“We will make a stop on the tour to be able to be together for a while, and celebrate our anniversary. I can’t say what we’re going to do exactly because I am organizing myself and it is a surprise. If she is watching this interview, the better it will be for me to remain silent,” joked Nick.

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The interpreter “Jealous” he stated that this phase of your life is crazy but in the good sense of the word and expression because of the great satisfactions that has had during these twelve months, not only for your marriage but also by their professional projects.

Speaking of the professional life of Nick, recently the band with his brothers, created “Jonas Brothers” are reunited after seven years of inactivity and where each one decided to take different paths, it was Nick who apparently had a career more fruitful unlike his two brothers, however, it is a pleasure to see them again together.

The December 01 2018 Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas couple married, it was an event that was on everyone’s lips since the ceremonies were most impressive and the couple despite the age difference always desmuestran their love to each other.

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