Nicki Minaj is reaffirmed as heterosexual in their collaboration with Doja Cat: “Before I was bi, now only hetero”


Nicki Minaj is a box of surprises –in addition to being an artist specializing in featurings–. His unpredictability is what makes her an artist that never ceases to surprise or cause holders. The most recent has left descolorades to algunes of their fans LGBTI, who have heard the rapper throw an unexpected message in the remix of Say So of Doja Cat in which it participates.

For a start, no one expected last Friday, a remix of Say Sothe song, Doja Cat, which has become one of the big hits so far this turbulent year 2020 –although it belongs to his second album, Hot Pinklaunched last year– . Your rollazo disk retro and a chorus infallibly have made the song a success that never ceases to give joy to the young Doja Cat –and that is inspiring a host of mash-ups–. Maybe you can’t say the same for Nicki Minaj, the incorporation by surprise at the theme in the remix recently released.

In this new version, has not been surprised by both the result of the collaboration as one of the phrases that capes Minaj: “Tell Mike Jordan send me my retro / Used to be bi now I’m just hetero”. There is No need to translate it, because it is very clear in his message. Nicki has wanted to tell the world that no longer identifies as bisexual, something that is stated in the beginning of his career and, after his wedding surprise last year with Kenneth Petty, it seems that he has felt the need to reaffirm his heterosexuality.

We already know how are the social networks and since then have not been slow to arise for both defenders as well as detractors of Nicki Minaj for that public statement of ‘pride heterosexual’. Although let us remember that the young rapper stated on one occasion that if had been declared to be bisexual was just for attention, because I would never have a relationship with a woman.

Of course, are free to exercise their sexual freedom, and, since then, the fluent is one more option. But he has done a lot to grace its line in the remix of Say So to those who consider that it is not a matter with that market. A controversy similar to the stars in the beginning of his career by Lady Gaga, also arranged for the suspect, who had been bisexual only to ensure the unconditional support of their fans LGBTI.

It is a very interesting question, that invites to reflection and discussion –civilized–. Because it is not positive for the bisexual community that you play with your guidance, free of charge, because it assumes to perpetuate that myth absurd that bisexuality is just a phase of life in which a premium is indeicisión.

I wish Nicki Minaj speak openly of their experience to clarify it. To a question that has plagued many of his followers will not be alone in a line of a remix, which we do not know if it is 100% certain or just an excuse to rhyme.