Opinion: your next consumers are today the fans of Greta Thunberg | Economy


By William Grebe

President of Association of Advertisers of Chile A. G. / Director general of Liquidea Communication, Experience & Interaction. Originally published in magazine Bulb!

Have between 15 and 20, they are activists, environmentalists and hate the predatory capitalism.

Today have no purchasing power, but when that happens, that will take decisions and to those who have to talk to him in 10 more years.

What you say today should be continued in the time, modeling your clusters. If you are not able to see and to be in tune with the spirit of that era was being forged today, hardly you will be able to sustain a speech to trademark consistent in 10 more years.

Let’s see, what is the focus today? Fear and uncertainty about the future stagnation of the economy, fake news, society and performance of the autoexplotación, contrasts the reading of the world between science and policy and, therefore, as a natural response to all of this, activism and mobilization.

The demands of the new generations focus on a desire or idea of growth and human scale development to house the global and cross-care of the planet, respect for human rights, states to ensure a balanced and fair social rights and the ability of entrepreneurship and innovation. A greater and better access to education, culture and information, to ensure a state of consciousness as the basis of sustainability and sustainability of the planet.

The idea of growth and development is going through a process of self-review endogenous, that even you cannot predict but you can easily infer. Will change the concept of utility and performance, they will change the metrics of measurement of GDP, the artificial intelligence and Big Data will disappear jobs and new ones will arise, and leaving a wake of apocalyptic or integrated wandering to relocate in the new world.

All of these changes are experiencing it in the flesh today, young people who are between 15 and 20 years, and what’s interesting about this is that they know it. Know that it means each one of these variables and also have a lot of clarity about what they want to consume today and what they will not consume ever. This generation is powerful for that, because the clarities are that today will be the roadmap of their lives forward.

We have designed themselves, as subjects responsible for the future and that fact alone defines the self, in a I collective, permanent and persistent.

They departed not doing case to the mass media and the messages of consumerism brutal that precede the generations before them, because they acknowledge them as the traps communication that are part of the game of a predatory system that they reject with all their soul, and against which the struggle to the end.

Say No to junk food, to the excesses of the have and have, are content with what they have, they reject all the advertising sexist and the exacerbated individualism; they are by nature, anti-capitalism, even living in capitalist societies many of them. Are collective, cooperative and collaborative, understand creativity as an essential activity, therefore there is the germ of the design of the new world, as a virtue more than they that of their predecessors.

So, the question for companies hyper ideologizadas today, is simple: do they want to survive by taking now the biggest amount of profit, before death by default in less than 5 or 10 years more?, or do you want to add value, to reinvent himself to continue to exist? Good question, isn’t it?

To create something that in 5, 10 or 20 years more to be valued and to have options to keep your brand in the time, you should consider something key: what you say today should be an immutable truth tomorrow, because the best way to sustain in time is to generate a guide discursive linear exemplary and credible in the action and that go in line with the new generations from now.

Remember that your future followers and/or buyers today are 15 years, but we are revolutionaries and that we don’t forget never more. If your brand wants to continue to exist, it has to reevolucionarse to the couple of who will be the people that you love morning. If that involves a reinvention full and starting from scratch, you’ll have to consider it, otherwise better to close the door on the outside.

Solutions there are and have been the subject of conferences, papers, research, seminars, workshops, and talks for a long time. Many of these solutions are read and the congresses referred to are visited regularly by business owners and executives of the marketing, but interestingly, until now, not seen substantive changes in this regard.

Luckily, there are still many professionals already working in this fascinating subject for years and will continue to do so, because the problem we already know this, but the solutions is working together with the brands. And for that you must have two in the equation.