Priyanka Chopra reveals 3 recipes natural exfoliadores


Who has not heard of the masks homemade? You have numerous options for every problemilta you want to attack, and so shows the same Priyanka Chopra who has shared with his followers three preparations within the reach of all so that you can exfoliate different parts of your body. What the good news? All you need to get literally in your kitchen.

The Bollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra Jonas during the promotion of the upcoming biopic the hindu ‘The sky is pink in Mumbai©GettyImages
The yogurt helps to moisturize the scalp

They are all recipes, natural is widely used in India, and that his mother has tried to transmit as a legacy of his culture. “I’m going to show three types of scrubs and masks that I learned from my mother and my grandmother. Women in India use only natural products,” said the actress of 37 years in the tutorial audiovisual Vogue.

Scrub for your lips

The delicate skin of the lips also need care and exfoliation. What better way to do that than with natural ingredients?

Ingredients: sea salt, vegetable glycerin, 100% pure and a little bit of rose water (the proportions depend on the size of your lips). Preparation: take in a bowl a small amount of each ingredient and go mixing until achieving a homogeneous texture, then rub gently on your lips.

Woman with peeling natural on your lips.©Istock
“As you can see, my lips are prominent,” said the actress while he was preparing his scrub for the lips.

Body scrub

Priyanka explained that the following recipe is a scrub that is also moisturizing and has healing properties for the skin. Recommended that before you apply on the body, try it out in your hand to rule out any allergic reaction.