Rihanna is going to have their own documentary: These are the details


Of our favorite singers not only are we interested in their songs. By luck or no their lives generated a lot of interest among your fans and followers because they want to know everything about their idols. The philosophy of life of our artists tends to be the most interesting and eye-catching. Perhaps it is one of the reasons that make us want to know each and every one of the details of the personal lives of singers such as Rihanna.

The artist, aware of the wishes of his legion of fans, has announced that it will be able to enjoy soon a documentary about his life. The audiovisual production will see the light on Amazon Prime under the name of ‘Rihanna: Volume One and Volume Two’. This means that the documentary will have two parts through which will tell the personal and professional life of the singer for dating its evolution during the last two years.

Peter Berg will be in charge of directing the ambitious project is already listed as one of the most anticipated of recent times. “With an unparalleled access to the life of the singer and over 1200 hours of footage, the documentary takes us on a journey through the ideas private about the personality and the mood of Rihanna, his philosophy of work, his family and the love, that is both touching as inspiring” has said the production company ‘Film 45’ through your web page.

Although they have not transcended more data on which to reveal the date for the premiere of the documentary, the singer, there are many people who suggest that its premiere will be very soon. Now their fans, who were already impatient by the lack of new music and a solo singer, they have a reason more to smile. Will you be preparing the singer is also a musical surprise?