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In an interview Taylor Swift said that she felt that women had it more difficult when wanting to position their name in the music industry because it requires them to constantly an evolution in his style, thing not often happens with male artists. And if we can think in detail, is in large part because the female artists are often exposed to situations that forces them to work double and even triple. For example, when they are in pregnancy and have professional commitments acquired should be met to avoid fines and strive to show a show like the that their supporters expect.

These singers have shown how complicated it can get to do concerts in a state of pregnancy, but sent a message to his followers that the effort and the passion for their career are the qualities that have made them relevant in the music industry.

– Jlo
Embarazadísima of her twins, the product of her marriage with Marc Anthony, the diva from the Bronx performed a choreography flawless Get Right at the Honda Center in Anaheim, ca, united States.

– Shakira
In 2012 she was invited to do two shows in Baku in the framework of the World Cup of Women’s Football, FIFA and did so with nearly six months of pregnancy. For her that was the first concert of his son Milan.

It was a secret, but some were able to discover that during the final of the football world cup of Brazil 2014, Shakira was pregnant with her second child Sasha.

– Beyoncé

Singing Love on top at VMAs MTV. So it was Beyoncé revealed to the world that she was expecting their first baby,

Years later and pregnant with their twins, hosted a special show at the Grammys.

– Cardi B
In her first appearance on SNL, Cardi B showed off her tummy in pregnancy performing the song Be Careful.

Months later and with her pregnancy much more advanced is presented in the Coachella valley. There he showed off his skills for making twerking in any physical condition.

– Alicia Keys
The pianist and soloist has two children with her husband Swizz Beat and during the BET Awards in the united States made a presentation in the middle of her first pregnancy.

– Xtina
In 2014 Christina Aguilera was pregnant with her second child and gave several concerts in that state during that year. Always shining with his unmistakable voice.

– Pink
At the American Music Awards of 2010 the singer performed Raise Your Glass with a fun performance in which he debuted his tummy almost 5 months of pregnancy.

– Paulina Rubio
In the framework of the Grand Slam Party of 2015, the diva golden presented a concert with a pregnancy quite advanced. Pauline is the mother of two children; Andrea and Nicholas Eros.

– Katy Perry
The interpreter Roar announced at the beginning of 2020 that was expecting their first child a product of her relationship with actor Orlando Bloom. At the beginning of march was the main show of a sporting event in Australia where their belly was the star of the show.