The colors that will be trend this spring


No one expected that the spring of 2020 we started without being able to leave the houseso, with all the winter clothes already collected in the closets, the garments for the new station since they will have to be prepared to be able to wear them.

What do you propose? Color. A explosion of color that we are glad the back to the streets and to our activity. Because one, we don’t know when, but it will come. And taking into account that the colours communicate and transmit information about us to those around us, why don’t we give a little bit of joy?


It’s going to be the ideal color for this spring. It is cheerful, optimistic and reminiscent of the rays of the sun. It is associated with happiness, with laughter and light-hearted. It is a perfect shade to give hints of light, but always without abusing it. Is positive, creative and energetic. What can you ask more? The scientific explanation is that the yellow it acts in the brain by releasing more serotonin (the neurotransmitters that increase the feeling of well-being), accelerates the metabolism and promotes creativity.

We’re going to see, nor do you need to dress him from head to foot, a simple detail gives joy and draws attention. Give a touch in the stripes of a shirt, a t-shirt or in the stamping of a tie, or in a darker hue, even in a skirt. It is the bet of many firms to welcome the spring, and we see, above all, in light suits and garments of romantic and vintage.

A design of Monse.


Strength, passion, energy… Just what we need in these times. Well, that is precisely what communicates the red. The scientific explanation is that it increases the beats of the heart, so to wear this colour there is to have good mood and energy. Shoes, dresses, and lingerie are the typologies that most are marketed in red. In turn, in cosmetics it is usual to view the article in the nails and in the labia.

It is a color that denotes strength, security and power. It is said that when combined with other clothes motivates people to make decisions more quickly. The color red it is ideal to call the attentionbut it should be borne in mind that although flatters almost all skin tones, is more luminous in the clear.

Care also, because it is not recommended during negotiations or complex situations, as that may wake up the aggressiveness. And a tip: avoid this if you’re starting a new job.

The actress Scarlett Johansson.

Light blue

If your closet is full of blue tones, transmit serenity. It is a color relaxing and fresh that communicates calm, something that makes us all miss him in these times. And attention, if you are one of those that you will touch find work after this break, this tone conveys integrity, security and professionalism. In addition, flatters almost all skin types and is the tone for excellence in productivity, which makes it a very used to wear in job interviews. It is also the color associated with the power, therefore use by the armed forces at the global level.

This spring it comes in different versions: from the ice (very light, almost white), the electric and dark (also called blue night), that today is the so-called new black, which replaces the perfection for a night out.

The models american Gigi Hadid.


Okay, what we know. This color is a little controversial: it stain just by looking at it, it loses intensity and brightness with the use and, to make matters worse, disagrees with the skin tone that we will all have once the end of this confinement. Well, with all this against it, in 2019 began to democratized the use of the white suit, especially in summer, and against all odds began to expand into the winter. And from night to morning, it seems that is set as a trend stationary (at least during 2020 and 2021).

The gateway has been commissioned to demonstrate that there is no shade that can versionarse a greater diversity of aesthetic: we can find the betting hyper-feminine blow of lace and tulle, as Simone Rocha, Giambattista Valli or Alexander McQueen. Herm├Ęsfor its part , opted for their version of clean lines and sports. In addition, this color became a trending topic in the fashion industry after the parade of spring/summer 2020 of Gucci mens.

The bright white symbolizes the simplicity, the purity impeccable, and the modernity. Reflects sobriety, brings freshness and light.

A set of Isabelle Marant.


Saffron, tangerine, orange… This color is present in many shades. Despite the fact that for a long time has been one of the great forgotten in our closets, it has carved a niche in the streetstyle this season. It is a warm colour, flattering, and that we can get a lot more out of it than we think. Like the yellow, brings energy and joyand being clearly less aggressive than the red, it conveys the energy and vitality of those who dare to use it.

At the time of wear you can carry it in small amounts of prints, or in accessories such as ties, handkerchiefs or wallets. The combinations of the oranges are much more than we think, and it is a color that goes equally well by day or night. You can be great along with other soft colours such as mint green, but also withstands the combination with tones more potent as the red, blue, or other tones of the season, purple. It is ideal for summer dresses, providing a fresh and festive.

A set signed by Custo Barcelona.


Despite not enjoying too much popularity, the purple is the mixture of the red and the blue. This is, of the energy overflowing and calm, something that will make us lack in equal parts when this is over. The purple is a majestic colour, which is classically associated to prosperity and wealth. This is shown that abounds in these well-known costumes of the royalty. Suggests sophistication, respect and wisdom.

When, last February 2, the season of red carpets, London unfolded his own to deliver the BAFTA awards, there was a detail that caught the attention of hair stylists all over the world: actresses of the stature of Scarlett Johansson, Renee Zellweger, and Emilia Clarke bet the purple one. Yes, it was Charlize Theron who sentenced you as the color of the season thanks to a vestidazo of Dior with the original neckline.

You just need to keep an eye on the fashion shows that were presented the proposals of the leading brands of fashion for the next season to realize that yes: this spring, the we live in shades of lilac.

The purple is ideal for dresses elegant (with plunging neckline in V, or with detail of ruffles), but has also been seen in many sets of jackets and suits.

The actress Charlize Theron, who has relaunched this color.