The curse of Drake allegedly did curse his girlfriend


You can’t go five seconds without hearing about Drake. Either one of their songs goes viral via a video of dance of TikTok or simply to appear in a game for the Toronto Raptors to disturb the players from their seats on the court, always guaranteed to attract the attention of all.

Drake drew a lot of attention several years ago when it was rumored that he was in a relationship with the tennis star Serena Williams. Even led some to speculate whether he was the victim of “The Drake Curse”. Let’s take a look at the Drake 2015 and how this could have cursed his girlfriend.

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The “relationship” of Drake and Serena

Although Williams is now married and has a son, several years ago it was joined to it. The tabloids speculated that Drake and Williams were dating during the summer of 2015. Although the two never confirmed the rumors of a relationship, TMZ caught up with them in an apparent kiss on camera together. The two were seen at dinner together in Cincinnati after the victory of Williams in the Open in Cincinnati this year when the photographer captured in what seemed like a loving embrace. Later that summer, Drake also was seen watching some of their other games live.

Explaining the curse of Drake

For years, fans of the sport have been lamented by the impact of Drake on their sports teams and favourite athletes is due to a phenomenon known as the “Curse of Drake”. The legend says that athletes or teams that Drake supports are intended for that to happen to them bad luck. Don’t you think? If you take a look at some of the instances in which it is applied, it is possible to have to recognize that there is something in this:

Drake posted a picture of himself and boxer Anthony Joshua. A month later, Joshua lost in one of the biggest surprises in the history of boxing, Andy Ruiz, Jr. The soccer star Layvin Kurzawa posed for a photo with Drake. His club, Paris Saint-Germain, rapidly lost its next game. Another football star, Paul Pogba, also posed for a photo with Drake. His club, Manchester United, also lost his next match. Drake posted a picture on his account of Instagram of him wearing a football shirt of Alabama before the National Championship game in 2019 against the Tigers of Clemson. Clemson then proceeded to roll the tide. Before UFC 236, Drake accompanied to Connor McGregor in his weigh-in. McGregor then made tapping against the powerful Khabib Nurmagomedov. He attended a playoff game in the NHL between his hometown Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Boston Bruins dressed in a t-shirt of the Leafs. Guess who won the game (hint: it wasn’t Toronto).

A club of Italian football called Rome actually instructed his players that they were forbidden to take photos with the superstar. It’s amazing the frequency with which teams and players are victims of this. But it was Williams, one of the best athletes of all time and the best tennis player in history, able to escape?

What’s in a word? No.

Does the Curse Drake shocked Serena Williams?

The rumors about the success of dating Drake and Williams during the summer of 2015. Later that summer, as it does almost every year, Williams participated in the Open category. UU. However, only reached the semifinals, losing to Roberta Vinci of Italy.

Williams is, of course, a competitor finished and, for its part, said that he spoke of the curse:

“No. I don’t think that has been fair … it is I who plays, makes mistakes or wins. I can’t blame anyone for anything. And I do not think that anyone else should do so. I played a very good opponent that day. And I was not in my best moment. “

So there you have it: according to Williams, was not the fault of Drake. But it looks awfully suspicious when you look at how many athletes, who have supported and who then came up big when it mattered.