The trainer of Jennifer Lopez teaches exercises for buttocks and abdomen


David Kirsch is the trainer of Jennifer Lopez and knows very well that her figure is not achieved so easily, what is achieved with various exercises of the abdomen and buttocks, as well as a balanced diet. The singer has gotten a silhouette admirable based on decades of training and discipline, she is constant and regardless of the time of the year it is exercised.

The actress also tends to have a routine that is strict, but their preparation tends to change depending on the project that she is working on, either a movie or a concert series. Even if you’re on free time in your house, she does everything possible to keep working in your body, because it has very clear the importance of taking care of yourself inside and out.

Coach Lopez has made clear that due to her busy schedule she does not have complete availability to train, as happens to a lot of people which have to cope with work schedules or academic. That is why he proposed a routine short, concentrated on strengthening the buttocks and the lower abdomen.

For a start, Kirsh remember that it is necessary to warm up your muscles to avoid injury. He proposes to stretch from one side to the other and stretch the legs, turning the head in different directions to avoid injury. You can also add small jumps on your own site, this for four minutes straight.

One of the great secrets of Jennifer Lopez to have a figure sculpted squats. The key is not to do many, it’s about doing them right. According to the coach, start with a position that spread his legs a little more towards the front of your hip and keep your back straight.

Hold the abdomen inward and lower until your legs are slightly above your knees, try to keep the posture for five or ten seconds, this will depend on your resistance level, then go up and repeat the exercise for eight minutes.

While it is important to focus on the buttocks and the lower abdomen, do not forget to exercise your arms also, so that you can add weights while doing the routine of squats, can be a kilo in each one of the arms and later you can increase the weight.

Lower doing the squat and to raise raise the arms up towards the sky. Remember to be careful when raising. The time of this exercise is five minutes, hold for five seconds the weight up and 3 seconds down the squat. Try doing this exercise for eleven minutes, with breaks sporadic.

The planks are another exercise that is recommended for the training, especially because they strengthen the entire body. Start by making plates for ten minutes, trying each one lasts 45 seconds, and then have a short break.

As you get accustomed you can increase the seconds of duration, i.e., his permanence on the plates. Remember to keep the belly inward, so you can work this part of the body at the time.

If it is very beginner on the subject of exercise and you feel laziness, or fear, do not think so much, take a time in the day to exercise and soon you will see how it gets used and it starts to get taste.