Video | Serena Williams comes back to play a match against… oh, Serena Williams!


While in the entire world, athletes are confined in their homes, in compliance with the mandatory quarantine, as a result of the pandemic of the Coronavirus, they are still arranging to stay active, not to lose physical form and to cheer their fans on the planet.

In the case of the american tennis player Serena Williams, who gave a twist to the bullado challenge viral Boss Bitch Fight Challengewhere women be found in an scene of action in their homes, and led him up to a new level, playing a game of tennis, in his garden, against herself.

He is currently in the 9th place in the WTA rankings (Photo: Getty)

In the video that is in your account of Instagram, and that amounted to 979 thousand reproductions, plus another 155 thousand “likes”, you can see the 23 times winner of Grand Slam playing an intense encounter, which after a few seconds, turn both Serene to a seat for resting and while one tells “you are very strong”the other responds to him “your not doing so bad”.

In posting the viral, the former world number one, now ninth in the ranking of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), appealed to his sense of humor and wrote “incredible rally and party practice”, adding that the scene was “written, directed, produced and starring Serena Williams”.

It should be noted that all of the tennis competitions, both male and female, are suspended because of the risk of contagion of Covid-19, and there is no official information regarding whether there will be tournaments in the remainder of the year, or if definitely cancel the season, leaving everything to 2021.