What a tender! Miley Cyrus: 3 songs that you have to spend


The american actress and singer, Miley Cyrushas shown throughout his career that is able to interpret various musical genres. Among the most famous you can find the pop, pop rock, teen pop, rock and country. Despite the fact that some tunes simply dancing is rampant in the artist often sings to the love.

If you are a fan of the celebrity, perhaps you’ll be able to remember these beautiful melodies that stopped in the time. And if on the other hand, you have not managed to express your feelings, these could be a good inspiration to a good start. Then we’ll leave you a Top 3 of the songs more romantic than you could spend in this time of confinement required.

Top 3: Miley Cyrus

1.- Slide Away

In this song Miley Cyrus account of a love in the paradise that already happened, to someone that maybe he was thrown out of his life. “Once upon a time, in which it was paradise,” sings the celebrity. Also, this song invites the people to “turn the page” since they are not around young children and has phrases like “you say that everything has changed, you’re right, now we are adults”.

2.- Adore You

If you love reciprocated is all about and if anyone want to go, this could be the song indicated. Full of love, the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus you ask your half Where have you been all your life?. Also, begging to be loved, but assumes that this love is something complicated and feel “as if you were standing with an army”. And he affirms that such person like her, are made to be together.

3.- Start all over

In this tune, a bit more in the style pop-rock, Cyrus he sings to a love that was unexpected, “You have called to my heart, I guess now I’m ready to begin. I’m going to start from the beginning,” says the famous singer. This song is made for those who want to venture into the world of cupid once more, no matter how complicated that may be.