What is seen more in networks: from Will Smith to the predictions of ‘The Simpsons’


One more week in Epik we are the most viewed and most commented in social networks. Have you been attentive to all the movements in Internet within the last seven days?

It we started!

The most seen on Twitter:

‘The Simpsons’ also predicted the possible advent to power of the sister of Kim Jong-un. In the chapters of the fiction of Matt Groening, it seems that there is also room for the smaller sister of the north Korean leader, a possible successor to Kim Jong-un.

How many tigers you see in the picture? The optical effect that challenges your visual acuity. You can only see four tigers, but on Twitter this image has gone viral because there are many more than are seen at first glance.

Raul Perez ‘trolea’ Pedro Piqueras in full direct of ‘Informativos Telecinco’. The humorist dared to imitate in full direct to the presenter of ‘Informativos Telecinco’ causing an unusual laugh in Pedro Piqueras.

Get caught a television reporter canaria soaking up the sun in full direct. The caught this reporter has become viral on the net and is that the direct connections are your only way to enjoy the rays of sun.

The most seen on YouTube:

Xoel Lopez releases ‘Reconstruction’ in “the best time”. Twelve years after the launch of ‘Reconstruction’, Xoel has uploaded a new version that reminds us that we live in a “confused times”.

“I can no more”, the new and successful parody of The Morancos on the quarantine. The comedic duo has created a parody on the confinement with Fernando Simon as the protagonist: “Quarantine days with Simon, we are already intimate the two”.

The most viral on Instagram:

The actors of ‘Hospital Central’ unite to pay tribute to the health. The actors of the series have wished to pay homage to all the toilets that are in the first line of battle: “You are playing for us.”

Will Smith meets the cast of ‘The prince of Bel-Air’ after 30 years by Snapchat. The actor has taken advantage of the confinement to organize a reunion virtual with actors from the series thirty years after their premiere on NBC.

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