Adele. Known to his alter-ego inspired by Beyonce


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Adele celebrate your birthday 32 with a career filled with triumphs, a renewed image and the announcement of a new drive in door. The winner of 15 Grammy awards has captivated audiences with their songs of heartbreak, melancholy and romance; behind every successful musical portrays their experiences and the difficult moments he has faced throughout his life.

There is No doubt that Adele dominates the stage with the power of your voice; however, the british has mentioned in some occasions that before a show tends to be quite nervous, even confessed she has stage fright, because they fear to lose the voice in the middle of a presentation.

“If I go to the throat, I will never be able to return to do a tour. Will I be able to fix my throat again and do studio work, but what I want to do something, failing and then being too afraid to try again?”, said the singer in a interview for the magazine Rolling Stone.

To combat your nerves before you go on stage, Adele has a alter ego called Sasha Carter that arose the day that he met Beyoncé, to whom she has great admiration. It is worth mentioning that the british were inspired by the singer June Carter and in Sasha Fierce (the alter ego of Beyonce).

“I was about to meet Beyoncé and I had an anxiety attack. Then it was looking beautiful and he said: ‘You’re amazing!!!, when I hear it I feel that I am listening to God’ Can you believe she said that? Later, I went out to the balcony crying hysterically, and I said, ‘What would Sasha Fierce?’ It was then when she was born, Sasha Carter”, he mentioned.

Do you fear the fame?

While their followers believe that Adele you don’t like the fame, the singer clarified during the same interview that is not afraid to be a celebrity, but what this world can provoke you. In addition, he acknowledged that is not yet accustomed to be surrounded by artists and live with them.

“People think that I hate being famous, and not so. I’m really scared of that. I think that is really toxic, and I think that it is really easy to be drawn to him (…) I’m Not sure if ever I will not feel a little overwhelmed when you go to places where there are many stars,” he said.

And on his new album…

A few months ago Adele gave some clues of what would be his new production. The singer rose to Instagram a black and white photo next to which he wrote a message about how difficult it was for her the last year, which had undergone many changes.

Let us remember that at the end of 2019, the singer-songwriter british surprised to announce that he was getting a divorce from Simon Koneckithe father of his son Angeloafter three years of marriage, which led his followers to speculate that their next album will address his relationship with his now ex-partner.