Alexa Dellanos and its striking neckline attracts all eyes


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A while ago Alexa Dellanos erased all your photos from Instagram and surprised their followers by letting them know that because I was a christian it would not upload this type of images.

However, months later, the daughter of Myrka Dellanos went back up a few postcards, a somewhat daring, which made him very happy his followers, who immediately thanked the young post the images that you share.

But now, Alexa turned to grab attention with a photo that turned out to be very revealing, as the blonde posed with a yellow dress very plunge, what did that teach me more than I expected.

The sensual photo had managed to accumulate more than 43 thousand red hearts, until the time and dozens of comments in which their followers they will praise your beauty and even sent one another pyrope.

“Bella, I love you”, “Linda nena”, “most beautiful”, “How tasty it looks that way,” are just some of the comments it received Dellanos in this publication and a few other more off-color tone.


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