Anna Kendrick told that in the filming of a film asked for actresses to “show more skin”


The protagonists of perfect Notes 3

The actress and director revealed the shameful suggestion of the producers

The trilogy

Perfect Notes

(last delivery will arrive in a few months to the cinema, argentina) became one of the franchises most original of recent years. The story centered on a group of singers a capella was a small boom box-office, and the actress

Anna Kendrick


that also took care of directing the second part of the saga

spoke of an embarrassing series of suggestions that you received

during the filming of the third part.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar

, Kendrick revealed: “I Was curious, when did the evidence of costume we received notes of the high places, saying that we should be more tight, more sexy and showing more skin, and I thought that those were not the reasons why people went to see the movie. Definitely no one followed us by our

sex appeal

”. On the success of those films, the actress said: “it Is good that the public is interested in seeing a movie with marginalized and with girls of different shapes and sizes”.

The ability of Anna to give to know the absurd order, only be understood in the framework of a Hollywood that is changing, and that it does not tolerate any kind of sexist behavior, and about this Kendrick said: “The other day I was talking with some friends (…) and I thought that I am glad that this is happening and that also happens in industries that are less visible, this does not concern only to Hollywood”, and added that now, “when a woman denounces a situation in any industry, you will create”.

Perfect notes 3 be released in theaters argentines march 31, 2018