Bella Thorne he looks like the Joker! Look at his last look made-up


To Bella Thorne gives equal to that it is night or who has come the day to start a party or to continue with it, the hours have another rhythm quite different for the newly premiered film director. And if it was perfect out of home when he turned to look in the mirror at its back has been found with an image that has nothing to do with the above I forgot that party is hard!

Or she’s afraid will get caught with the mascara out of its place nor will it matter that the eye shadow do not mix for nothing with the lip gloss, if Bella puts the rules at the time of dressing and lead your life also makes it to the time of makeup or is it that in this there is also to follow a protocol?

And sometimes surprised by the rightness of their choice… and at other times so unusual and daring.

This time it happened a lot with the amount of paint that wanted to get in the face or the sweat and the rhythm of the night he made all of his makeup to move your site and that unwittingly remind us of a character film remember Joker and the art on your face?

Because the actress looks more like the character Joaquin Phoenix that to the very Bella Thorne, but watching the speed with which it has uploaded the publication to the networks it is assumed that it matters little that you see it as well.

Neither the lipstick has endured in his mouth or the eye shadow has done the same, there is paint all over my face, a symptom of that it has gone very well!

By way of explanation Thorne has told her that he slept well, without wiping the face, with all those colors on your skin and on the pillow! Apparently at night the colors had a tone and a location quite different from those that now have…

And that is party, soiree and animal sound face without clean, typical Bella.