Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. reconnect with the superheroes original after ‘Endgame’ for a very special reason


A year ago it was premiered Avengers: Endgame‘and since then we have been to see gathered to his protagonists. Something that won’t happen again on the big screen because the film was the end of Iron Man and Captain America.

But, now the six Avengers original have come back together to form virtual for celebrate they have received the award for best film at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2020.

In this way we were able to see in a nice video as first appeared Scarlett Johansson (Black widow) to say how excited I was to receive this award from the smaller.

After it arrives Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk) who says: “The show must go on, life must continue, therefore, the Avengers must continue.

The next to appear is Jeremy Renner (Hawk-eye), who says: “We are stronger together”, making allusion to the situation that the world is in the midst of the pandemic of the coronavirus.

Then we can see Chris Hemsworth who makes a joke of being the strongest of them all in that time Chris Evans (Capaitán America) manifests itself to say that it is something “questionable”.

But, the big surprise comes to see Robert Downey Jr. on the screen and all put poker face by insinuating that if your character was not dead) to which he says yes is maintaining the safety distance.

To end all send a message to the children full of positivity in these hard times. “We are stronger together, we will overcome this,” says Hemsworth and Downey Jr. it ends with his iconic phrase from the film: “I love You, 3.000”.

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