Chris Hemsworth welcomes a colleague with a cake birthday very unusual


Chris Hemsworth it is one of the famous, which through its countless interpretations has been able to generate ties with each of its fanticos.

The actor take advantage of free time to put in if your best mark, and show that it is possible to find the positive side to these das of pure confinement.

Last weekend, Dwayne Johnson place a new birthday, and it is for precisely that reason, Chris he wanted to greet in a particular way.

The superstar of Marvel, used its official account of Instagram to share a video in their stories, which sent their congratulations and good wishes for your entraable friend.

Happy birthday, Dwayne Johnson. Make a toast with a little bit of that delicious drink you’ve been sending to all over the world, except for m, expressed in the visual system.

Thus, the famous 36 years old aadi Well, anyway, don’t worry, I made this delicious cake of rock, Without a doubt, this was what ms caus the laughter of all the fans.

This is not the first time that Chris Hemsworth and Johnson are the stars of the publications funny, because, it is common to see that there is a complicity among the companions of trade.