Dennis Rodman calls “player of the lot” to LeBron


The life of Michael Jordan and your step by Chicago Bulls is causing a sensation now due to the release of his documentary The Last Dance. But not only are remembering moments from the legend of the NBAalso characters like Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman.

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And precisely because of the prominence that has taken Rodman in the last few episodes is that they recalled old interviews where disqualified LeBron James.

“I could have blocked without problems, until Scottie Pippen would have done so. It is very easy to dial, he has no moves, Pippen would have stopped before it gets to my area. In our day it would be a player of the lot,” said the also post Detroit Pistons in an interview with Overtime in the 2019.

But not only that, Dennis also launched a criticism of the physicist James noting that “he alone is great”, in addition to show no intimidation ever since, said that he has “faced players stronger and bigger than him.”

However, it was not the only time that the controversial exbasquetbolista attacked the of The Los Angeles Lakers. Six years earlier, Rodman blew up with the comparisons between LeBron and Jordan.

“Really there are no items to comparison. LeBron came to the basketball NBA at the perfect time. Michael did when people could hit the opponent, throw him to the ground, doing a release of staff, and quickly get back to defend. LeBron can’t do that. All they do today is complain about a lack and spend the time protesting,” he explained during the program The Dan Patrick Show.

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