Ex claims 6ix9ine 50 Cent taught him how to “hide money”


It seems that 6ix9ine learned some life lessons from 50 Cent, according to his ex-girlfriend Sara Molina.

6ix9ine it’s only been in house arrest for a minute now, and it seems that his name is already associated with, well, more shenanigans. And they say that things change: does anyone really expect something different of the future rapper live streaming? Behold the wonder of the rainbow has managed to stir the pot once more, but that is the effect it tends to have on those who are within your circle. Evidently, his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his child, Sara Molina, is not ready to leave him in peace, having recently converted to Tekashi on the topic of a heated session of Instagram Live.

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One of the main problems seems to arise from the alleged unwillingness of 6ix9ine to pay child support for the children, a problem that Molina has addressed in the past. In fact, all their live transmission seems to be directly aimed at the current girlfriend of 6ix9ine, Jade, and comes out as a kind of warning. And although 50 Cent has made clear that its relationship with 6ix9ine, who once called him son, had finished, the legendary rapper once again found his name dragged through the mud to be dyed rainbow.

“[6ix9ine] he told me how I was going to hide the money, “ Molina says at the beginning of a long diatribe of IG. “I said that I was going to hide his fucking money for the support of the children and fucked up charitable organizations because 50 taught him. I was going to that point … only to not take care of your daughter “. Given the disdain teaser with the mention of the name” 50 “, it is clear that Molina does not feel any love lost by the false pope of 6ix9ine.

Ah, Fofty. Even when it is not directly involved in a situation, is influencing the measures of all modes. The next thing you know is that 6ix9ine will be asked for your money on Monday.