Hair cuts, highlights and colors trend to succeed in your first session hairdresser


Ice blonde

It is easy to get to thanks to the new formulas to lighten the hair, the more safe and effective, that guarantees its durability for more time. “The hair must be in perfect condition and we can’t damage it more. If not, it will return when it has been subjected to a technique of deep conditioning designed to shore up damaged hair,” says explains David Künzle. After, and depending on how clear or brown is the hair, may require several applications of clear of blonde hair to achieve the appropriate grade, super white without trace of yellow and uniform from the roots to the tips, “which can translate to many hours of barber”.

Generally, a single bleaching is not enough, it is advisable to practice two discolorations gentle in place of a deposit, which can be done in a day. After a few hours of peroxidation, it is advisable not to wash your hair for two days. “It is the best way for the scalp to re-generate the film of lipid, which is a natural protector”.

Important: the thermal protectors will be the best allies before using the iron