Halle Berry received blows and kicks of a fighter


In his new film, the Oscar winner gives life to a fighter of mixed martial arts.

Halle Berry always surprises us with its characters, not because of anything he won the Oscar for Best Actress for the film ‘Monster”s Ball’ in 2003, and now that is centered in his role as director, actress, 53 years old, has a production under the sleeve that will surely give what to talk about.

The film, which at the moment is in the phase of post-production, will be entitled ‘Bruised’ and the plot focuses on a fighter of mixed martial arts – the role played by the Berry– passing through a difficult time in his life while grappling with his opponent, a powerful fighter from the UFC who was in fact played by a real professional, so talked to the actress in an interview in the program TheTonight Show, since he assures us that he received a beating from the fighter.

Had to stick of truth

“She had that stick of truth and I had to endure kicks real, and I had to aguantarlas really and that I broke some bones. She is a beast, but could not have asked for a professor best, a companion of scene better, a rival of fight best,” wrote Halle for the famous television programme.

We don’t yet know the date for the premiere of the film, but the oscar-winning actress is ahead of us that will be a drama different and really touching. Image: Clasos

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