‘High School Musical: The Musical: The series’ promises laughs

In 2006 premiered High School Musical on the Disney Channel. A tv movie with unknown actors that was inspired by classics such as Grease to create, and no one expected it, a saga millionaire that would change the careers of Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale, its protagonists. Was a movement fan international in Spain was aided by the arrival of Disney Channel on open DVB-t and his songs have become the anthems of a part of the population that has grown up with Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers. Almost fifteen years later, those teenagers are adults, at the boundary between millennials (generation y) And centennials (generation Z), and they face a new version of the famous franchise adapted in format serial. It is High School Musical: The Musical: The seriesa title of the most convoluted, however, portrays the perfection of this fiction that is recorded as a fake documentary.

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The characters are Troy and Gabriella, although they could be his successors generationalbut this is not a remake or a reboot because the characters live in a universe where the movie exists, and it is famous… and they are fans. An aspect of “meta” -that is to say, self-reference – which gives it an original touch and unique without being scared of drinking out of other titles such as The Office or Gleethat it is even mentioned in one of their episodes. The plot focuses on Ricky (Joshua Bassett) and Nini (Olivia Rodrigo)two teenagers broke their relationship in the summer and start the new course, adapting to their new situation when the institute attended -the same in which it was recorded High School Musical– announces that its musical half-yearly will be the stage adaptation of the famous movie. The authenticity that reflect the boys, who in real life have from 16 to 22 years, is another of the great attractions of the series.

They declare themselves fans of the saga starring Zac and Vanessa and, in fact, in the case of the male protagonist was even his first theatrical work. I was only 8 years old when he went up for the first time to the stage and, although I had a very minor role, was his beginning in the interpretation and participate now in this fiction is to close the circle. However, the fame of these young people can’t do more than grow, because we speak of a talent that overflows: they act, sing, dance and write their own songs, which can be heard recorded live during the episodes. Matt Cornett plays E. J. with a look that might have earned him the role of Troy Bolton with the cap, but that turns into Chad in the musical, and Sophia Wylie gives life to Gina, the version centennial of Sharpay Evans.

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However, beyond staying in the stereotyped characters of the original, the new series manages to give them more layers, more depthto create teenagers that one can be identified. Unlike the always perfect protagonists, these two try and struggle to be, but don’t get it. However, the confrontation between them and Ricky and Nini is minimum: Disney attempts in this way to break with the traditions of rivalry female and the two boys manage to maintain a cordial relationship, even though they do not fall down well. In your own words, take preparing for these roles all their lives, and in the case of Sofia, who is the youngest of the cast at 16dancing since she was just five years old. However, they have been a support for each other, of those feet of that cojeaban.

For Matt the most complicated thing was to dance and remember fondly the hours and hours of testing. Joshua almost gets excited when thinking of all the moments in which you got to improvise with the piano, or the guitar in full shoot, taking even regañinas by distracting others. Olivia is grateful for the support of his co-star to write the songs they sing together, and it has half a million views only on Spotify. Their friendships are already unbreakable and we appreciate the good relationship between them, even through the screen. The fact of filming at the institute of East High of Salt Lake City, Utah, where they recorded the three movies High School Musical -although the second is centred on a holiday resort which in real life is called an Entry at Snow Canyon Country Club – has a huge effect on the series.

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As explained by Matt, when we signed him and his companions Olivia and Joshua went to see the place from outside and we were completely stunned by its immensity and the memories of the movie. For Sofia, who claim to have seen the film a million times, the simple fact of walking through the same hallways, sitting in the cafeteria, in the locker Sharpay… everything is an unforgettable experience. And in addition to not missing the elements that reference the original characters and not all are recognized as such. Some, like the famous pink microphone of the diva performed by Ashley Tisdale is hiding in the room of Nini, others such as backpacks for Chad and Troy the lead Ricky and E. J or the already prehistoric blackberry Gabriella, which is used as a joke during the series.

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What is certain is that High School Musical: The Musical: The series it is, despite all these details, or precisely because of them, a production for all audiences. Young and old, have seen or not the original, can enjoy this history so fun and natural, especially if they are fans of the genre Broadway and the like. The second season is already confirmed and, against all odds, will go away even more of the famous film performing in the school musical Beauty and the beast because “there are a limited number of jokes about Zac Efron that you can do”as I was joking Tim Federle, the creator of this project. However, some are still waiting to be included new versions of songs as iconic and beloved as a Fabulous, Right Here, Right Now or I Want it All… Matt Cornett confesses that even he would like to interpret the dream in pink Ashley Tisdale in the second of the series.