How many video clips have been released Justin Bieber of Changes? | Music


Purpose marked a before and an after in the career record of Justin Bieber in conception, audio-visual a studio album is concerned. Three of the videos of the work (Sorry, What do you mean and Love yourself) sneaked in among the most viewed in the history of Youtube.

The soloist wants to repeat the experience with his most recent musical project: Changes. Your trip in video clips began with Yummy today has already accumulated more than 255 million views. It was the first single extracted from the album, and with the canadian presented his letter of love in the form of a disk.

Beyond the conspiracy theories which found hidden meanings in the clip (every one is free to interpret what you want), Yummy was a hit as a single and as a video and his choreography has been repeated ad nauseum on platforms such as Tik Tok.

As all important video worth its salt had parodies, animated versions, playbacks of fans… With a sound that reminded a lot of the big ones of the genre as Drake, a month after Justin Bieber was such a wake-ideological when you convert your video Intentions in a claim of Alexandria House, a foundation that helps women and young people without the resources to fulfill their dreams.

If we dive through the official channel of Justin Bieber we will not find any video clips of the artist of this Changes. But that does not mean they do not have. The musician has released a couple of new videos with Apple Music thanks to an exclusive agreement. The colorist and naturalist E. T. A.this was followed by the intimate and congeladísimo Changes and the spiritual Usual. This trio of videos to be added the release today of Available.

But in addition to these exclusives for the platform of music, could not miss in the promotion of his new studio album its corresponding “movement”. If “Purpose ” Movement” was responsible for another visual perspective and sound of Justin Bieber, “Changes ” Movement” is not back.

With All around me he began a series of videos that combine dance, contemporary dance, choreography, urban, inspirations asian and video game…

Every Monday and every Wednesday come premiering on their official channel a of these proposals have already understood Come around me, Forever and the spectacular Take it out on me.

Of the 17 songs that are a part of Changes are already 10 songs that have had their own video clip whether it be starred by Justin Bieber or the “movement” inspired by her musical work. All this in a little more than a month since the launch of Yummy. Changes it went on sale on February 14th so sure that the canadian has us reserved big surprises.