Jada Pinkett Smith makes surprising revelations of her marriage with Will Smith


In a special broadcast of his program “Red Table Talk”, Jada Pinkett Smith revealed the new stage that lives on her marriage with Will Smith, which originated in the root of the isolation at home against the pandemic Coronavirus.

To be honest, one of the things that I’ve discovered these days is that I know nothing of Will Smith.

“I think that as the years go by, as we are too busy to analyze our life, all we create in our mind a concrete idea of who is our partner. But the reality does not correspond at all with that image,” said Jada Pinkett Smith.

Jada Pinkett stressed that she and actor Will Smith were learning to be friends. “Now what we are Will and I doing is to deconstruct all those stories we had imagined on our relationship, to deconstruct what we believed should be the marriage and love, let’s say that we are learning to be friends“.

“That’s why we have decided to devote these days more time to love ourselves, it is the best when you spend 20 years married to someone and you discover that you don’t know the other person, more than anything because that means that you know yourself too well.”

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