Judi Dench brings down to Jane Fonda and she is the woman with more age on be cover of Vogue – Eme – 06/05/2020


“No, no, no, no. Don’t use that word. Not in this house, here. Lavate la boca”. So replied the actress Judi Denchto the british magazine Vogue when asked if he thinks the retirement.

The actress has impressed in the skin on the phrase Carpe diem, is the tattooed 81 years and meets at the foot of the letter. “I don’t think about the age, I do not like, do not want. They say that age is a matter of attitude“said to Vogue (the online edition will be available from tomorrow).

Their 85, she became the woman with more age on starring in the cover of the british edition of the magazine. So dethroned Jane Fonda in 2019 (with 81 had) held the title of being the woman older in the lid.

The magazine the photograph in the Uk before the insulation and interviewed her when she was already in quarantine in Surrey, where he lives together with his partner, David Mills, an environmentalist of 77 years.

More than talking about your personal situation, Dench spoke about the pandemis of COVID-19 and he made a request: that people will pay attention to those who are alone.

Beyond the note, the magazine published a video where 18 famous make questions to the baptized woman (despite his chagrin) as “the british treasury“. Sam Smith, Cara Delevingne, Stormzy, Charlize Theron, Naomi Scott, Kate Moss, Daniel Craig are some of the personalities that question.