Kimberly Flores comes back blonde style Kylie Jenner


The fitness instructor of the program ‘Today’, Kimberly Floreslike many of the other people in the world, is in quarantine in your home, which lately has been more active on their social networks to their faithful followers will be entertained for a while.

A few hours ago, shared in their stories of Instagram a photo wearing the blonde hair, an act that stunned his fans, as the wife of Edwin Moon it has been characterized by always bring dark the hair.

“What change?”, wrote Kim next to the image.

Kimberly Flores puts on wig blonde

The feedback from the fans did not wait, ensuring that it looks very pretty, and already I needed a change of image, and even some claimed that it looks great as a socialite Kylie Jenner.

From flattery, Flowers later revealed that it was a wig, because I wanted to see how it was, but has always had the curiosity to paint the hair another color, though I would prefer one more coffee.

Edwin Moon, we loved the result

“It was a wig that I got, because I wanted to see how I was, I never ever had tested and I said, ‘let’s see how it looks like a change of look. I’ve always had the curiosity of pintármelo of another color, maybe not that tone, maybe more coffee, I don’t know,” noted the coach.

It should be noted that the lead singer of ‘La Trakalosa’ loved it as it looks blonde.

Kimberly looks very pretty