Lizzo complaint of discrimination in TikTok



The american singer Lizzo, accused an application which allows you to make, edit, and publish short videos, discrimination body, then notice that some videos of her in a swimsuit were removed from your account. The celebrity, which has been characterized by exposing without taboos their ideas, in addition to post pictures with little clothing and encourages its followers to not be ashamed by failure to comply with the stereotypes of beauty that society imposes.

The winner at the Grammy awards, reported his discomfort, after the censorship on the part of the famous app: “TikTok not to delete the videos in which I appear in a bathing suit,” he wrote.

“But it allows other girls to share yours in a bikini. I wonder why… TikTok, we have to talk”, added the famous subtitle of a video where it repeats “I know, I know”, in an improvised song.

After the indictment, the application restored the videos, in which appears dancing with very little clothing, and sent an apology to Lizzo for the action, with the argument that “it was a mistake when judging the” content”, as explained by the social network.

In one of the videos that was censored, celebrity lifts the dress and shows a belt worn underneath, however, the authorities of the application explained that the responsible of analyzing the material considered that showed their underwear.

Fans of the performer were not slow to express his support: “That is terrible”, “The deleted because you shine like a queen”, “I’m going to miss those videos, they were some of the comments made by web users in response to their idol.

Meanwhile, the artist of 31 years immersed in preparations for a series of concerts offered by the various cities of the united States.