Margot Robbie tells odyssey that he suffered when he made a casting of ‘Focus’


Although it was premiered 5 years ago, ‘Focus: Masters of the Scam’ is one of the most widely viewed films on the platform of Netflix, and have uncovered many curiosities related to the tape that star in the u.s. Will Smith and australian Margot Robbie.

Margot Robbie recounted in a recent interview how was the “odyssey” that he lived when he spoke to participate in the casting of the película’Focus: Masters of the Scam’ and all that he suffered. The anecdote that had the Oscar-nominated actress was that when he received several mensajespara that will be presented in New York to perform the casting of the role of co-protagonist of the movie was on the other side of the world. “Were 24 hours most crazy of my life because I had been swimming, I returned to lodging at 6 to.m. and I didn’t sleep. I turn on my phone and had several messages: ‘they Want you to do an audition. Your flight leaves tonight. There is only one catamaran (boat) to the mainland and out in 20 minutes,” began the story the Hollywood actress to EntertainmentWeekly.

The start of his bad luck

But that was only the beginning of your bad luck because when he arrived at the airport happened to him other mishaps. “So I grab my things and I go out running and taking the catamaran, taking a bus to the airport, I arrive at the airport and I hope six hours. Flight to France and I hope other six hours. Flight to New York, and when I get there, I realize that they have lost my luggage. My shoes were wet, my shorts were wet and had no makeup or clothing,” says Robbie.

When the actress came to New York to do the audition on time still waited for Will Smith, who is introduced too late, which caused him more discomfort. But it was all worth it because the producers loved his acting and as soon as they could they called and said they liked his audition. “It worked well. I moved to 101 %, I guess,” said the actress of 30 years. Image: Clasos

Together to Will Smith stars in the film ‘Focus Teachers ‘ Scam’
The actress, 29 years old, Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie tells a story that he lived when he was called for the casting of ‘Focus’