Marshmello and Halsey surprise with its long-awaited collaboration: ‘Be Kind’


Halsey and Marshmello have come together to bring to light a partnership very surprising call, ‘Be Kind’a topic that promises to climb all the positions of the lists of the radio with his message of kindness and your sound pop.

The song has been composed by the two artists with the aim of sending a message of hope and support to the people that is going through a bad streak. A topic that can be very useful right now. The two artists claim in the note distributed to the press and we are very proud to ‘Be Kind’.

The producer of electronic music note: “As soon as we finished the song, I was obsessed instantly. Halsey and I connect and we’re both on the same page with what we wanted it to be the end result. And it turned out great.”

The song, which was written and produced before the quarantine, resonates well with the current time. That’s why Halsey has wanted to take advantage of the promotion of the song to promote different organizations to which to donate money to help the research of the coronavirus.

In a direct on Instagram that Halsey and Marshmello shared ensured that we still had more work set, brand new, possibly a video clip to the issue. The two artists, who are already accustomed to success, they are prepared for this song to reach the top.

Marshmello has had a fantastic 2019, with his song ‘Happier’ with Bastille, with which it has come to get 5 Platinum. Without a doubt, ‘Be Kind’ has joined another long list of successful collaborations with the who has shown that his pop stuff like a lot of the general public. Halsey, for his part, he has been successful both solo and accompanied. Your song BTS was one of the most listened to in the past year and their new album ‘Maniac’ premiered this past month of January has already had several singles number one.