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Marvel is developing a series of Iron Heart, successor to Iron Man


Marvel Studios I would be developing a new series for Disney+ would function as the origin story of Iron Heart, who replaced Tony Stark/Iron Man in the comics.

The report comes from The Cinema Spotwho ensures that although the project still does not have showrunnerare in active search. The dates of start of recording will be starting in the fall of 2021, though this could change by the impact of the coronavirus in the entertainment industry.

Iron Heart it tells the story of Riri Williams, a engineering student of 15 years at MIT. Using your high intelligence capacity made their own armor using parts of the Tony Stark. After his death in Civil War IIshe replaces it as Iron Man and when he returns, he becomes Iron Heart.

In September of last year there was a rumor that Robert Downey Jr. I would return to the Movie universe of Marvel as Tony Stark in the form of artificial intelligence. At that time there was already talk of plans of study to create a series based on Iron Heart for Disney+.

The fourth phase of the Movie Universe of Marvel will work as a transition after the death of Tony Stark and the output of Steve Rogers/Captain America. Although we already have a replacement for this last —Falcon—, at some point someone will have to replace Iron Man. Iron Heart would fit perfectly.

Iron Heart, a part of The Champions

Riri Williams/Iron Heart vs Thanos

Riri Williams/Iron Heart he is a member of The Champions a group of superheroes that resembles The Avengers but more young people, among which are Ms Marvel —who will also have a series on Disney+—, Miles Morales (Spider-Man), Nova, Cyclops, and Viv Vision, the daughter of Vision.

From 2019 the new Falcon —Joaquin Torres, who takes up the slack after Sam Wilson becomes Captain America—, Patriot, Bombshell, Power Man and Dust join the team.

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