Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan criticize failure on demand for wage equality


The stars of the american football Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan they said Monday that they were “impacted” before the rejection of the claim of equal pay presented for your selection and confirmed that the team will appeal this court decision.

After a year-long court battle, the federal judge Gary Klausner Friday gave a blow to the aspirations of the selection is to dismiss your claim for pay discrimination with regard to the men’s team, failing to please the Soccer Federation (US Soccer).

The magistrate accepted that they are brought to trial some of the claims presented by the players with regard to difference of treatment in areas such as travel, accommodation and medical support, but rejected the central pillar of the case relating to equal pay.

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This Monday, during an interview with the ABC, Rapinoe and Morgan they expressed their dismay by the ruling but pledged to continue the battle in the courts.

“We were just shocked,” said Morgan. “I think that for both parties (the decision) was very unexpected. Definitely apelaremos and we will continue forward”.

If someone knows something about the heart of this team, (is that) we are fighters and we will fight together for this,” remarked the front of the selection, current champion of the world.

In the arguments of his ruling, Klausner said the case was not justified because there is evidence that the players had rejected an offer in the negotiations of the CBA (collective bargaining agreement) to be paid equal to the men’s team.

Rapinoe, the current Golden Ball female, flatly denied that the existence of that offering.

“The contract of men never we was offered and certainly not the same amount of money,” he said.

Rapinoe considered misleading another of the arguments the judge noted that the players had earned more money than the players during the period covered by the lawsuit.

Between 2015 and 2019, the women’s team played 111 matches and earned 24.4 million dollars. The selection of men’s, for his part, he played 87 matches and won 18.5 million, a figure that would have been substantially higher if the team had qualified for the World Cup 2018.

If we had been under the contract of men, we would have won three times more,” said Rapinoe.

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“In that period in which we got a little bit morewe’ve won two Cups the World and virtually all the matches that we have played (…) The rate of pay is so different, it’s so frustrating,” he lamented.

The women’s team of united States champion in the World championships in 2015 and 2019, claimed in his demand the charge back 66 millions of dollars in virtue of the Law of Equal pay.