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We exactriz porn Mia Khalifa never fails to give what to talk about and this time, after pleading to the coronavirus as a pandemic, the influencer has scared his legion of supporters, who fear the possibility that you may be infected with this disease.

It all happened in their stories of Instagram, when Mia Khalifa he shared an image accompanied with a message that said the following: “Officially, the COVID 19 (name of coronavirus) has ruined my life”

YOU CAN SEE Mia Khalifa wears in sensual attire to the style of the 80’s

Mia Khalifa has been declared a supporter of the West Ham of the English Premier League.

At first reading, one infers that the once star of adult cinema should have given you test positive for discard of the coronavirus, but it would be herself the one in charge to clarify the reality of this: “No, I’m not infected. Is worse”.

Then, when we look at the image shared by Mia Khalifa, we noticed that low-key is the access to a hockey pitch. Then, the message starts to become more sense when you read the other message that accompanies this picture.

Mia Khalifa and her boyfriend share a great passion for sports.

“Suspended. The National Hockey League suspended the season”, and that is that Mia Khalifa and your boyfriend share a great fondness for this sport, including hockey, which is one of the most popular disciplines in the united States.

YOU CAN SEE Mia Khalifa on his way through the film for adults: “it Was an unforgivable error”

In fact, in some publications Instagram, you can see the exactriz to adults next to your partner with reference to this sport, especially team Washington Capitals, which would be fans.

Publication of Mia Khalifa in the histories of Instagram.

In fact, in mid-2019, Mia Khalifa he proved that he is a connoisseur of sports when it premiered as a football announcer, declaring himself to be also a fanatic West Ham of the Premier League English.

Mia Khalifa made his foray as a sports presenter in 2019.

Mia Khalifa stirreth up the social networks with video Tik Tok

In a video that she shared Mia Khalifa, you can appreciate covering his body with a towel, while he seems to plotting something in front of the camera. After that, it gets rid of the object and throws it down the ladder, suggesting to viewers that has been left bare, though she does not appear again in the frame.

A few seconds later, with the phone in hand, goes in search of her boyfriend Robert Sandberg, who is carrying out your exercise routine. She interrupted, and he bursts out in laughter, taking the humor of the surprise.

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