Miley Cyrus arrives at the front page of the ‘Wall Street Journal’ | People


Play Hanna Montana on the Disney Channel in 2006 to be the cover of the magazine The Wall Street Journal in 2020. Miley Cyrus has taken a leap brutal in his career, and over these almost 14 intense years, a trail has been widening by leaps and bounds. Well for his musical career, either by their scandals of youth or by the ups and downs in his life sentimental, but that is of no doubt is that the that is considered the precursor of the tweking and the star of any Gala MTV has been known to take advantage of its full potential.

Cyrus has shown a new facet that was unknown until now that has been the one that has taken him starring in the latest issue of the journal of the economic journal: your job as the interviewer. Since the beginning of the confinement due to the pandemic because of the covid-19, Miley Cyrus has started to interview different celebrities through their social networks. “It’s hilarious that people call this a program of interviews when is a chat for Instagram Live”, she confesses to the magazine from your own insulation.

What started as a simple chat between friends —managed to ensure that its excompañeras of Disney and also friends Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez open up about their innermost feelings—, it ended up becoming a program of interviews to which he has since name, Bright Minded, schedule and even a header and a set improvised in the living room of your home. “I love connecting with people. When you hear the stories of another person you realize that all your pieces will also fit together,” admits Cyrus. “I think that is what I have missed in my life, those relationships”.

By this talk show virtual already has been accompanied by guest stars such as Rita Ora, Reese Witherspoon, Amy Schumer, Ellen DeGeneres, or Jeremy Scott, among others, and to your own senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren, of which he has confessed was the interview, ” she said. “Oh my God! With Elizabeth Warren I was so nervous that I even got a nice blouse of linen. Everything in my wardrobe is of leather and has fringes or studs, so choosing what to wear was a stress”. On how he ends up by convincing the people to participate what is clear: persistence is one of its strengths. “I am very insistent. I write to the person privately and if I do not answer I send emoticons smiley for 10 days until they give up,” she jokes about their tactics.

Cyrus, who in these lectures are shown with looking for home —tracksuit, bun and hardly any make— up-reveals that it only had a shower in two occasions: “A talk with senator Warren and another to participate in the benefit concert, and virtual organized by Elton John”. The landfill’s mind that what he misses most is her family, her parents, Billy Ray and This Cyrus and his grandmother, whom he defines as “my all”. “This is the time that most I’ve been without them. My mom and I talked on FaceTime almost from when I wake until I go to bed,” says the singer, 27 years of age, and ensures that the first thing you will do and when to lift the ban will go hug their parents.

But the performer of hits like Wreking Ball or Malibu don’t pass this quarantine alone. Despite the talk of crisis that surround as usual to the couple, the singer and Cody Simpson they continue with their relationship and are moving together in the confinement. The decision of the artists to eliminate all traces of her on social networks became suspect to their followers that their courtship —which arose in octurbe after finishing with Kaitlynn Carter, for whom, in turn, left it to his now-ex-husband Liam Hemsworth— had come to an end, but it was Simpson who denied ensuring that you simply were taking things with peace of mind, and had decided to take their relationship in a more discrete manner.

Asked about his new musical work, Miley Cyrus account that has already finished its next album, the seventh studio album of his career, but considers that it is not the right time for its launch. “I have made a new disk of influence of the rock, hence my new lookbut I think that now we are in a delicate situation for your promotion.”

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