Millie Bobby Brown launches into the beauty world with her own brand of vegan


Updated 21/08/2019 13:56

Has become with only 15 years in the star of a series of international cmo Stranger Things but apparently the actress Millie Bobby Brown has not seemed enough and just communicate through Instagram his new project: a beauty brand vegan and low cost to throw in only a few days.

Like that Miranda Kerr or Rihanna, the actress Millie Bobbie Brown he has not chosen his name for the beauty mark but neither could have done it because your last name matches the name of a firm of beauty. Apparently it takes two years working in Florence by Millsthe name that you have chosen finally to its own signature feel something unexplainable.

To announce it, the actress britnica has not hesitated. A video on your wall of Instagram has been the format of choice to advertise their 27 million followers her new project. “It is literally the love of my life, I can’t explain what I feel about this and how crazy it has been to create it. Two years creating a brand of beauty and skin care is a long time, since I could not keep my ms a secret, but now I can share this news with all of you! Thank you for all the love and support that you give me every da, aada in conjunction to the publication.

An little is known of the collection but not exactly be small since that you will have products, both makeup as skin care and the actress has confessed to the reason that has created this signature: “I have been in a chair for makeup since I was 10 years old and I’ve tried all kinds of products. I’ve never found something that put me in the face and me to sit well, because I’ve always removed the makeup and boom!!!, tena a grain”.

We know that for that purpose and a legin of fans around the world customers are not going to miss and thus is a firm committed to the environment. Their products to be between 9 and 30 euros and will contain sulfates or parabens. Besides, it is vegan and suitable for all skin types.

Now what difficult to be to choose between all the brands of celebrities how Selena GomezLady Gaga , Rihanna or Kylie Jenner.