Niurka and Yuliett Torres Cuba against Mexico tremendous thongs rear


  • The dancer and cuban actress Niurka shares photographs of myocardial infarction with their fans
  • For its part, the mexican model Yuliett Torres is not back and leaves you with the mouth open to his fans
  • Both are descaran tremendous thongs and let you see their prominent rear

In a great duel between Cuba and Mexico, the dancer and cuban actress Niurka and the mexican model Yuliett Towers descaran tremendous thongs and let you see their prominent rear in a series of photographs that they shared with their fans.

In the case of Niurka, who currently has just 52 years of age, went up to five images to your account officer Instagram in which it appears lying on a lawn chair face down, but what more flame the attention, more than the place in which it is located, it is your tremendous g-string reveals her prominent rear.

With more than 30 thousand “likes” at the moment, the dancer and actress of cuban wrote the following to accompany this publication: “privilege That nature has given us, good night to all my bebenius… blessings, rest”.

A user noticed that Niurka was in the pool of what seems to be a hotel and asked the following question: “And what does the healthy distance in a hotel?”, but he received no reply, although other users took the liberty of responding: “Exactly, that’s irresponsible”, “Condos also have a swimming pool”.

Other followers of Niurka she was not given much importance to this detail and began to fill it with compliments then that he showed his prominent rear framed in a tremendous tanga: “That figure, mom Niu!!! You seem to have sculpted in marble by the same Miguel Angel!!!”, “That beautiful you are, Niurka”, “Good evenings beautiful mother ” Niu”, “Because you are perfect without the 90-60-90 after the world I turn around. The I love Mom ” Niu”.

Some of the fans of the actress and dancer cuban were very inspired, although several went over the line: “God, but that nature you’re great”, “Mom Niu, which guapérrima is!!!”, “Mamacita”, “That rich”, “That good cu… are you”, “I love You so much, goddess”.


A user did not want to stay with the doubt and asked: “do you Have a partner?”, but has not received a response so far, while another made a very special request: “Sweet dreams, precious one, can you give me a good night kiss?”.

“Good night, gorgeous butt beautiful”, “Phew”, as always, you’re huge, mami rica”, “Body”, “Precious gift of the gods”, “That if it is a cul… and not bunk, Mom, ” Niu”, “Monument”, can be read in most comments.

On the other hand, a user is not tempted by the heart and is expressed as Niurka: “That ugly scruff, all cracked and prieto, that’s disgusting”, but the flattery of all kinds overshadowed to this comment:

“That mature more rich and sexy, Niurka, you breast… all you completita, I am totally into you”, “Ham chin… good iberian ham”, “you’re amazing”, “what Do you put on sunscreen?”, “I like your end of it…”, “That beautiful end… are you”, “Delicious end…, that’s sexy”, “you’re a rich, old”.

A follower of the dancer and actress of cuban and touched with what she wrote: “Mom Niu, take good care of yourself, the world would not be the same without you”.