Reveal possible new manager of sequel to “Bright” with Will Smith


Netflix still preparing Bright 2now it is mentioned that it is negotiating with Louis Leterrier to be the director of the sequel to the film action/ fantasy 2017 that was in charge of David Yesterday.

The intention of the study is to have returns of Will Smith and Joel Edgerton in the leading role for this second part, according to Deadline, the project will focus on directing the action to an environment that is more international so you will have a larger scale.

Leterrier has an extensive track record to be the filmmaker at the forefront of successful films such as The Incredible Hulk, Transporter and the first of The illusionists: Nothing is what it seems, so that their work supports to replace Yesterday who would remain attached as the screenwriter.

The first installment of Bright followed Daryl Ward and Nick Jakoby, this last being the first police officer orc, both of them formed a duo committed to protect The Angels from various threats.

By the time the second part does not have a release date tentative, and will probably expect that Smith be released from his commitments with King Richard and the sequel to live action Aladdin.