Robert Kardashian, The father of racism that before he died he confessed to being sorry to introduce their daughters to black men


In a country where the struggles for civil rights have been the banner of many characters in the story by the racism plagued the american society, the famous family Kardashian shocked by a preference that is repeated: their partners are african-american.

The book ‘The Kardashians: An american drama’ writer Jerry Oppenheimer, revealed years ago, details of the most famous family in the united States, at the time of the patriarch Robert Kardashian was still alive and was recognized for defending his friend O. J. Simpson, details the portal Upsocl.

In the pages of this biography, speaking of the friendship of the father of the Kardashian with the american football player, O. J. Simpson from the years when they were young, unmarried, and with his brother Tommy Kardashian shared an apartment.

From that moment Robert knew addictions to alcohol and drugs, his friend athlete. With the passage of time, the friends continued their lives and created their respective families.

Robert Kardashian was married in 1978 to Kris Jenner, and of this union were born their children: Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, and Rob. And the members of the today clan Kardashian soon grew up receiving gifts and consented to by his uncle O. J.

And despite the friendship of the two men, soon came a revelation of the father of the family, which according to the author of the book, was performed by a group of friends common. The confession of Robert Kardashian revealed his “regret having gotten O. J. Simpson to your home and have ‘normalized’ to the black people for their daughters” and that is the last thing I wanted.

To say of a friend, the lawyer made a statement very demanding for its trait of racist: “I know black people, I’ve known black people all my life and I like to sleep with white women. O. J. is Always bragging about the amount of women that he and his friends go to bed. And my daughters are liberal, perhaps too liberal and have no one to blame, except me”.

An african-american intimate of the family Kardashian

The fame came to the life of this lawyer when it happened, the death of Nicole Brown, the ex-wife of renowned athlete and decided to take the defense of his beloved friend. It was considered the ‘trial of the century’. And the scandal came immediately. The defendant, a black man. The victim, a white woman.

And despite the revelations from Robert Kardashian decided to defend him, although the public opinion ensured their guilt.

Then the history of the socialités most critically acclaimed of the united States is already known to the match to maintain loving relationships preferably with men of colour, including the only male of the family.

Kim Kardashian.

Many say that the wedding secret of Kim Kardashian with her first husband, Damon Thomas, was an act of rebellion against his father.

This decision of Kim filled with sadness at Robert, who was a man of traditional and thought that their daughters would trust him.

When Robert confessed that he suffered from esophageal cancer, her daughter started their divorce which culminated in 2004. His father failed to beat the disease and died in 2003.

In 2014, he contracted his third marriage, to rapper Kanye West, also of color, with whom she had four children .

Khloé Kardashian

In 2009, Khloé married with the short basketball player Lamar Odor, but their love ended when the athlete was cheating with the best friend of her sister Kylie. His addiction to drugs and sex was the trigger of the relationship.

After a pause, the entrepreneur met another basketball player, Tristan Thompson, and with him was his daughter, the little True.

Kylie Jenner.

The well-known entrepreneur in the cosmetology, after his break with the rapper Tyga, began to go out with Travis Scott in 2017, whom he met at the Coachella Festival. Their relationship was born his only daughter, Stormi.

Robert Kardashian.

The same story appeared in the only male of the family. Rob Kardashian met Blac Chyna in 2016, and launched a romantic relationship that left it to a daughter as the fruit of his love, the small Dream.

Kris Jenner.

The matriarch of the family Kardashian, of 64 years, after her divorce with Bruce Jenner – today Caitlyn Jenner – began dating Corey Gamble of 39 years in November of the year 2014 and up to the moments the couple still together.