Sailor Moon inspires Halsey to recreate this look


The pop singer Halsey has left impacted all of his followers with the look I recreated inspired by Sailor Moonand , more specifically, of Chibiusa.

During this confinement, several artists have managed to do activities from home, like us, many have been more transparent with their followers, sharing tastes and hobbies they have.

Since the beginning of the quarantine major celebrities westerners started to confess that they were followers of the entire industry in oriental, since displayed as fans of k-pop or even to disclose what were your favorite animes, which brought many more fans to realize that they had more things in common with your favorite celebrities.

The pop singer Halsey, revealed in a very clever to be a fan of Sailor Moon. Based on your hair bubble gum pink than Chibiusa, the iconic skirt tableada that use the sailor scouts and top of the sailor was that the artist is amused a little by this outfit.

Followers of Halsey began to commend her, even asked if I would continue upping your Instagram more looks Sailor Moonhowever, with the passage of days this artist surprised his fans with an attire of D. Going nothing more and nothing less than Overwatch.

Cosplayers, fan and official pages of the industry geek they applauded the recreation of the D. Va that he had done; winning several fans asked him if it would encourage you to play a game. In this way Halsey went from being an internationally renowned singer to cosplayer amateur.

There is No doubt that this time that we have had to spend at home, has left us a couple of good things, as we have been able to exploit more than ever our creativity and discover new talents.