Salma Hayek is proud of its mexican roots commemorates Cinco de Mayo


The popular actress of mexican film, Salma Hayek, held with great pride this Cinco de Mayo, commemorative date of the Battle of Puebla, sharing with his followers a photograph that is best appreciated surrounded by the flags of Mexico.

Although their intention was to demonstrate that, despite success in Hollywood, continues to be a mexican heart and also boast the makeup and hairstyle that she herself performed during the quarantine, he received some criticism on the part of internet users.

There were several comments that did to Salma in the publication, at which point his followers that “no one celebrates Cinco de Mayo in Mexico” and “the celebration is a celebration gringa”, in accordance with some of the comments.

Despite the criticism, the image reached 255 thousand likes and hundreds of comments where they will praise the beauty of which Hayek is creditor, because, as is already known, it is considered as one of the stars most beautiful of Mexico, even the united States, where he works most of the time.

Some days ago shared a picture in which also, proud, bragged about the gray in his hair caused by the passage of the years in your life and became trend on the Internet, receiving thousands of compliments and different reactions where admired her beauty and courage.

This photograph reached in a few hours more than 300 thousand likes and hundreds of comments where they will praise your courage and the way in which it seeks to motivate other women.