Seeing is believing! Look what he confessed Anuel AA Karol G She doesn’t react well!


The lovely Karol G was filming a video, when suddenly his beloved promised Anuel AA began to say many confessions that left the famous to the found overall Not to be missed!

As we well know both singers have been in a relationship quite long, which makes many of their fans are full of many curiosities, and thus begin to make a lot of questions.

Karol G it is characterized by sharing details of your daily life, whether they be videos or photos of her next to Anuel AA or with some family members, but when it comes to giving information, extremely accurate, prefer to keep silent, but Anuel It is not so!

Recently it has started to viralise a video where appear both enjoying a everyday day, when all of a sudden Anuel could not resist and began to give details of the attitude of Karol G when they were knowing.

Anuel he begins to tell his beloved promised that “he has no hairs on the tongue”and , it is there when he begins to confess that Karol G wrote to him (when they were leaving) to explain that I did not know that to do as he was around him a lot “negative things”

Even he confesses that he came to end the relationship due to his dark past, for what Anuel in the form of a joke telling him that “how is it going to end at a beauty like him”but Karol G he insisted on finishing, and even blocking the WhatsApp. But since all this happened and now no doubt are totally happy with each other.