Society doesn’t address the facts about the climate, regrets Greta Thunberg


The young activist Swedish Greta Thunberg regretted through their accounts in social networks, that humanity will not listen to even the most basic facts that science has wanted to communicate about the weather emergency.

The comment was made after it was made known to them by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric administration (NOAA), the concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere had reached a new mark, when you get to 418 parts per million (ppm).

“New record, again, that, of course, it will break again and again, as the concentration of accumulated CO2 in the atmosphere will continue to increase,” wrote the promoter of the movement Friday For the Future for climate action.

He explains that “the real concern is the increase of the speed; we’re getting close to the 420 ppm, when the ‘safe level’ estimate is 350 ppm, approved in 1987”.

And continues that “if there are still people who sincerely believe that the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere will decrease, or that the impacts of the climate crisis is to reduce our CO2 emissions decrease, then that really shows how the society has been unable to communicate even the most basic facts”.

According to the NOAA, the new records registered in the world for CO2 in the atmosphere during the era of human, displayed in the observatory of Mauna Loa, 418.2 ppm to 3 may.