Tape animated “Scoob” will be premiered via the internet and not wait for reopening of cinemas


Subtracting importance to the fact that the cinemas remain closed, the next may 15, Warner Bros. will be premiering online the tape lively “Scoob” based on the iconic dog Scooby Doo.

And is that the studies have not wanted to even further delay your schedule of premieres already quite affected by the coronavirus, this tape it is one of the most anticipated as it features a great cast that lent their voices to its realization.

Among the most prominent is Zac Efron, who gave his voice to Fred, Amanda Seyfried will be the Daphne, Gina Rodriguez Vilma, Will Forte gave his voice to his best friend dog, Shaggy, while Frank Welker who in the past lent his voice for Megatron in the series of Transformers, will give voice to Scooby Doo.

The novelty in this movie the group of detective, paranormal, is that this will show the start of the band and how you met their members while they deal with their first cases.

Warner has revealed that the film will include the mystery that surrounds the phantom dog of Cerberus, while trying to stop a global apocalypse, in addition, you will know that the canine hides a secret never before seen.

Tony Cervone is the director of this film the animated series premiered in 1969, the cartoon remained on the air for 24 seasons.

The plan of studies Warner Bros is releasing this movie “Scoob”during these times when families are in their homes, in compliance with the quarantine and to enjoy together.